Jobs & Economy

America has fallen into a long-term, economic decline. Wages have been stagnant since the 1970s. Over the past 4 decades, America has lost millions of high-wage jobs and failed to replace them, leaving many American workers with a low-paying service job or no job at all. To reverse this economic decline once and for all, we will kickstart new high-wage industries, modernize old industries, build a 100% renewable energy economy, repair our crumbling infrastructure and rebuild local communities. We will rebuild American industry, build the cheap renewable energy economy in 10 years, invest $4.6 trillion needed to repair our country’s crumbling infrastructure, rebuild  our local communities, raise the minimum wage to $15/hour and tie it to inflation, and make special investments in communities that have been devastated in past decades.


Education is necessity for social mobility and innovation. The best minds and talent shouldn’t be denied quality education in this country simply because they cannot foot the bill.

We believe in tuition-free education to qualified students at all public universities, colleges and trade schools. If you meet the academic requirements, you go for free. If we want to rebuild our economy and encourage innovation in America, we need a highly-educated and highly-skilled workforce. Saddling students with debt is not only destructive to students’ futures, it also slows and depresses our economy.



We are committed to protecting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex Americans and ensuring that they have the dignity, liberty, and respect that all Americans deserve. While the United States has made some strides for LGBTQIA equality, we are still far from where we need to be, and the gains we have made are at risk of being lost under the current administration. LGBTQIA people must be made a federally protected class just as protections made on the basis of race, sex, pregnancy, religion, national origin, disability, age, military service, bankruptcy, genetic information, and citizenship. 


America imprisons more of its own people than any other nation in the world. Incarceration rates are skewed in favor of targeting minorities with longer sentences and higher arrest rates.  We will attack this crisis by ending the War on Drugs, demilitarizing the police, and eliminating the privatization of our prison system.



Healthcare is not a privilege. Healthcare is a right. No one should go without proper medical care in such a prosperous country. I believe healthcare is a right for ALL people, regardless of their ability to pay. I support Medicare for all.  I support Medicare for all because it is fiscally responsible.  I support Medicare for all because it protects our nation from epidemics.  I support Medicare for all because it is the right thing to do.  

Climate change

There is no other issue more pressing than protecting the earth and the resources that keep us alive. Halting the effects of climate change requires immediate responses from those in power.  Every second we take to deliberate the serious and drastic efforts needed to curtail climate change, the closer we get to catastrophe.  It is time to seriously reconsider the risks of "business as usual" -- in order for us as a species to continue to thrive, we need to make renewable energy, sustainability, and green policy an urgent priority.